We have known and loved Tammy for 30 years. This book offers godly direction bringing life and healing to places you can’t currently imagine. We highly recommend Healed and Set Free, and feel that it is very much needed in today’s world. May Jesus surprise you with each turn of the page.

Pastor Don and Jean McClure

Author of The Trunk: Treasures of God’s Faithfulness

We have witnessed the incredible impact and fruit that this bible study has had on numerous women’s lives at Calvary Vista and rejoice to see women healed and set free!! Full of biblical truth, personal stories, and practical help and insight, this is an effective tool that has become a staple part or our Women’s Ministry resources. Our friend, Tammy, is authentic, full of life and joy, and shares her story with a spirit of love and freedom, to the glory of God!

Pastor Rob and Denise Salvato

Author of Longings of the Soul

We are using the Healed and Set Free book overseas in the Philippines where we care for abandoned babies and children, and abused girls/young women. We’ve used it since about 2003 at Rainbow Village Ministries.

Pastor Trip & Susan Kimball

Rainbow Village Ministries, Dumaguete City, Philippines

Tammy exemplifies a woman healed by the grace of God. She extends hope in such a free and inspired manner. With an anointed Bible study like Healed and Set Free, those who dive into the Lord’s plan for healing, can and will be healed indeed. He will use the scars and deep wounds of our past to bring about a testimony that will glorify Jesus. With each turn of the page you will be drawn into a closer walk with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Pastor Wayne and Cathy Taylor

Calvary Fellowship, Mountlake Terrace, Washington

Tammy faithfully takes the teaching of the Bible for those seasons of hurt and disappointment and brings the truth to real life. The wisdom in Healed and Set Free comes from the Holy Spirit inspiring Tammy to be honest, transparent and vulnerable. We have seen God use this book to bring healing and freedom to many. We are happy that it is translated into German. May you use this book for yourself and give it to others, trusting that God will use it in many more lives.

Pastor David and Inga-Lill Guzik

Author of The Enduring Word Bible Commentary

My mom’s story is an example of how beautiful life can become when God is welcomed into life’s hurts. My Mom’s life is one of pain and victory. God has truly healed her! I am amazed at the power of God’s love! All the glory is God’s for the work He has done in my Mom’s heart. He gave me a Mom who is a bundle of love, encouragement, and hope! Her healing has affected my life more than I can know. I hope you find refreshment in God’s healing hands and I hope you find this book to be a helpful avenue to begin.

Jessica Sprague

Tammy Brown's daughter

Tammy and I have been friends for over 25 years. Her life reflects true freedom. She desires to see each and every person she meets healed and set free from traumatic scars of the past and help us to see our value as children of God. Healed and Set Free is easy to read and use. May you find that engaging space to let Jesus invade your life and be released from the scars of the past.

Pastor Craig & Loren Linquist

Calvary Chapel Entebbe, Uganda

I believe there is no wound too deep for God to heal. Tammy’s story and life are living proof of God’s promises of Isaiah 61, “He gives beauty for ashes.” Freedom, peace and new purpose await you as you begin your journey to be Healed and Set Free. I took this book to Australia and New Zealand. Many hurting women “down under”. God is raising up an army of “healed and set free warriors” to take the message to women of all ages….JESUS HEALS!

Debbi Bryson

Author of Wisdom for Women and International speaker

I have searched for years trying to find Biblically based and balanced resources. I began to use Healed and Set Free in individual counseling situations, only to discover that our church was full of hurting people still struggling in private places. I love to watch the way the Lord works in and through His people. He proved Himself to be intimately tender and involved. No one can reach and heal the soul but our God, and He has used this study as a valuable tool in His medical bag.

Shannon Gallatin

Bible teacher and Pastor’s wife of Calvary Chapel Finger Lakes, NY

“I highly recommend Healed and Set Free. This book has transformed the lives of many woman across the nation; hearts mended, marriages restored and depression healed! Jesus is the basis of this entire book!”

Tim LaHaye

Tim LaHaye Ministries, Author of the Left Behind series

Raw and Real Stories. How women faced their greatest fear.