You do not know me but I feel as if I know you.

I came to Calvary Chapel for the first time about six weeks ago to attend Broken Chains. I was given a copy of Healed and Set Free by Dan, who runs the group. Then another woman I didn’t know approached me, handing me the pamphlet on Healed and Set Free, not knowing Dan had given me the book. She asked if I would take the class with her. You think maybe God had a hand in all that?

I came home, opened the book, and as I read your testimony and heart to help, my heart exploded-I cried for two hours and was filled with such a hope I can’t put it into words. I feel more connected to God right now, more centered in my heart in this moment, than I ever have (and I have been saved for over 18 years)! Sad as that is, I was isolated in silence and brokenness, all alone for more than 40 years. But there is joy in the morning.

I started the Healed and Set Free class on Saturday mornings, and God, my precious Savior, has been working on my heart since I picked up and opened the book almost 2 months ago. You didn’t know it, but we have had lunch at McDonald’s, Arctic Circle and Cafe Rio together; we’ve taken long walks in the park together as I open up and allow God to work in me through the truth in your book. You have been with me in spirit as I read, pray, and ask to see, humbly falling on my knees at the cross, and releasing my wounds and unforgiveness to Him to allow Him to free me. I know this is only the beginning… I believe, and remember when I am hurting beyond words, that if He could do it in you, if you could do it with His help, I can to do it too. How precious, Healed and Set Free gives me hope day-by-day, tear-by-tear, page-by-page and truth-by-truth.

I believe, and remember when I am hurting beyond words, that if He could do it in you and you could do it with His help I can to do it. How precious… you give me hope day by day, tear by tear, page by page and truth by truth.

I spent the last week sharing the truth of Healed and Set Free with four women who are dear to me. I overflow with joy as I share what I am learning. Tammy, thank you so much for your obedience to God in writing your testimony and the book!

I am so happy you were safe in a loving Christian home, with a godly husband to cover you as you fell into your Savior’s arms for healing through the whole process. Thank you for writing it out and sharing it with us precious broken women. When I first saw your picture, this verse came to me: “She looked to Him and was radiant, and her face was not ashamed.” I want that too!

I want to shine for Him. Thank you for giving me, not only hope, but help through your ministry for complete wholeness and healing. I will remain faithful to it, and I hope someday to be blessed with meeting you personally. I love you with the love of Christ, and thank you with my whole heart: thank you for helping me come into the light and open my heart to my Healer, Jesus.